Nipigon Wolf Hunting

It’s Time to Start Your Adventures

Since the fall of the fur trade there has been a wolf population explosion on Ontario. The wolves have all kinds of furry critters to eat but as the wolf packs have become much bigger; they no longer go after the small game like they used to. The wolf packs are targeting bigger game and are making a huge impact on the Moose and Whitetail Deer population. The problem is not enough people are hunting them. It’s also the fault of outfitters not having organized hunts for wolves. We take our wolf hunting very serious and do everything to make our guests successful in their quest.

Wolf season starts at the same time as Moose hunting season. Moose hunters are actually creating the opportunities for the wolf hunters. When a Moose is gutted and field dressed it’s just a matter of minutes when the scent hits the air. It does not take long for the wolves to clean up the remains. When a hunter gets a Moose we send our wolf hunters out to the spot and hide in a tree stand. The wolves are also visiting the bear bait stations. Many hunters also see wolves along the game trails but generally your best bet is to stake out the field dressing sights.

Wolves are usually between 70 and 110 pounds. On occasion a big 120 pound alpha male is taken. They can actually get bigger. Timber Wolves come in a variety of colors from black to snow white and everything in between. Gray Wolves are usually white and gray and look like the typical wolf you see on TV. The Red Wolf is a protected species. There are only about 100 left on Earth. The Red Wolf is not red like a fox. It just has a rusty flair in its fur. If you see a wolf with reddishness to its fur just look in wonder, for you have just seen one of the rarest animals on Earth.

We offer straight wolf hunting packages or wolf hunt / fishing combo packages. Our accommodations are extremely cozy warm and comfortable and the fishing in September is unbelievable.