Nipigon Black Bear Hunting

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Offering some of the best Black Bear Hunting opportunities in Ontario is a family tradition handing down to Dave and Ian from their father and grandfather. Inheriting supreme knowledge of Black Bear behavior including their feeding habits, patrolling patterns and territorial domination tactics means placing baited tree stands at the most strategic areas that will produce big old male bruins. It’s not just the facilitation of the bear hunt that’s important; hunters have to be at the top of their game. Black Bear hunting is an exercise in stealth and invisibility. This is an animal that can smell 250 better than a human and can hear better than a wolf. When you are cooking burgers on the BBQ every bear within 20 miles knows exactly what you are eating. The challenge is to get him 15 to 20 yards in front of you and not know you are there. The bigger the bear; the smarter the bear. If you want to get a trophy Black Bear over 400 pounds you need to be very serious about hunt preparation and the knowledge your outfitters shares with you.

North Superior Charters has two 150 square mile Bear Management Areas to the north-east where a multitude of trophy Black Bears call home. Spread out in the BMA are strategically placed tree stands baited with food scraps high in carbohydrates, which is what the bears like most and will travel long distances to get. Hunting guests can have the confidence to pass on smaller bears and wait for the big ones. We guarantee a 100% sighting rate. The choice to take the bear is the hunter’s. Hunters need not take a small bear. The average size Black Bear in our area is 200 pounds. A 200 pounder is not going to be the territorial king. Having patience is important to getting a trophy Black Bear. You have all week to wait for him to come into the target area. The bears are most active in the morning and the evening so many of our bear hunting guests take advantage of the awesome fishing in the afternoon.

The Nipigon region is overrun by Black Bears. In 2014 the Ontario government has reinstated the spring bear hunt for residents in this area. That should soon be extended to non-residents. Hunters that are not willing to wait should still get a bear in the 250 to 350 pound range. Our area is a world class Black Bear hunting destination and we have massive bears. In the last couple of years guests have harvested 400, 450, 500 and even a 560 pound Black Bear. We don’t want you to expect a 400+ pound bear but the reality is our Bear Management Area is one of a very few BMAs that will give you a great chance at the bear of your dreams.

We have beautiful and clean housekeeping outpost camps on Moss Island with American Plan available, which is three home cooked meals per day. For large groups we can supply a private cook for your week. For guests that want a more remote hunt we have a spike camp in WMU 15B. This spike camp is actually a huge prospectors basecamp tent and fully equipped. It’s roomy, clean, dry and comfortable.

Our BMAs have produced several certified Boon-&-Crockett Black Bears and Pope Black Bears.

We have tree stands set up but if you want to bring your own you are more than welcome. It only takes a couple of minutes the change them.

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