Nipigon Walleye Fishing

It’s Time to Start Your Adventures

Off the coast of Nipigon is St. Ignace Island. It’s 15 miles long, 10 miles wide and it’s totally uninhabited wilderness. On this island are some unbelievable Walleye lakes. We are fortunate to have licensed boat caches on the two best Walleye Lake. Moss Lake and Otter Lake are a little over a mile hike into the bush from the main lake and not too far from our camps. The hike in is around 20 minutes on a clear path.

Both Moss Lake and Otter Lake are stuffed with Walleyes. The Walleye and common in the 1.5 to 3 pound range but guests do catch bigger Walleye up in the 9 pound range. On an average day you should catch 20 Walleyes each. There have been some days where our guests reported finding spots where it was one walleye after another all morning.

Like any lake it’s best to fishing for Walleye in the morning and then target Pike in the afternoon. If you get to the trail just after first light you should be able to be in the boat fishing by 6:00am, which means you have 6 hours of prime Walleye fishing before lunch. The Walleyes slow down around lunch time and then pick up again around 7:00pm.

On dull overcast and rainy days the Walleyes will be feeding like crazy all day. If you are lucky enough to get bad weather you could go into these lakes and catch over 50 Walleye in a day. We don’t want to show the location of these lakes. We want to keep these Walleye lakes a secret from the outside world so our guests can enjoy their own private Walleye fishing lake.