Nipigon Northern Pike Fishing

It’s Time to Start Your Adventures

We placed the link for our Northern Pike fishing page under inland lakes because that’s where most would expect it to be. We do have Northern Pike fishing in Otter Lake, which is an inland on St. Ignace Island. It’s about a 20 minute walk to our licensed boat caches. Even though the dominant species in Otter Lake is Walleye there are still lots of good eating size Northing Pike in the lake and on occasion guests run into bigger ones over 10 pounds.

Believe it or not most of the Northern Pike including the big trophy Northern Pike are found around the islands on the main lake. There are 100s of tiny islands, back bays, shoals, sand bars, weed beds, marshy areas etc.. etc.. The only time you don’t feel like you are on a lake way back in the bush is when you see the wide open water areas past the islands. There are all kinds of weedy bays and shallow sunken plateaus with Lily Pads, Wild Rice, Musky Cabbage and Pickerel Grass. Northern Pike are ambush predators so having lots of islands with points and narrows between them is an ideal location for Pike hide and wait.

With tremendously huge schools of Lake Herring, Cisco and Shad swimming around the islands and a variety of structure that is so typical of Northern Pike Habitat, the Northern Pike fishing is excellent. You can easily catch lots of nice eating sizes in the 3 to 6 pound range. We get a fair amount of Northern Pike in the 15 to 20 pound range and on occasion Pike pushing 25 pounds get caught and released. Big lakes produce big fish and Lake Superior is the daddy of them all.
Trophy Pike over 20 pounds are actually caught by guests trolling along the shore for Coater Brook Trout and Rainbows. Trout skin is extremely nourishing and fatty so it’s a rich reward for a hungry Pike. A big Northern Pike needs to consume a lot of food per day to maintain its weight. Trout do not need to go deep to escape the summer heat on the north shore of Lake Superior. With Lake Superior being a cold-water lake the Northern Pike do not have to disappear into the depths to feed on trout; they just hang around the islands and the shoreline and wait for the trout to come to them.

If you want to target Northern Pike please tell us when you get here and we will point out the hot spots and the best way to catch them during the time of year of your fishing vacation.