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When planning an Ontario fishing trip with a group of people that all want something a little different the perfect fishing camp can be hard to find. We think we have what you are looking for. Our outpost camps feature fantastic fishing for eleven different species of game fish as well as large roomy accommodations for groups of up to 14 people. We offer both inland lake fishing and big water fishing on Lake Superior. Moose, Wolf & Black Bear Hunting is available as well.

“The best fishing in the world can be found along the north shore of Lake Superior” – Ernest Hemingway

Inland Backcountry Lake Fishing

Big Water Fishing on Lake Superior

Big Game Hunting

Inland Backcountry Lake Fishing

We have licensed boat caches on remote backcountry lakes on uninhabited St. Ignace Island, which is the biggest island off the mouth of the Nipigon River. These lakes are just stuffed with Walleye, Pike and Perch. Walleye fishing is outstanding with great numbers. The Walleye average around two pounds but guests do catch trophy Walleye in the nine pound range. Northern Pike are common in good eating sizes and guests do on occasion catch monsters well over 20 pounds. In the weeds there are tons of Perch. There are a few Whitefish and Smallmouth Bass but they are not common, even though they appear to be growing in numbers. The main focus of our inland lakes is the great Walleye Fishing.

Big Water Fishing on Lake Superior:

If you want to fish Lake Superior, you have the choice of fishing in protected bays and narrows around the labyrinth of islands off the Nipigon River Delta. Our outpost camps are only a few miles from where the World Record Brook Trout was caught back in 1915. To this day massive Coaster Brook Trout swim along the shore around the islands are easy to catch. In the deeper water between the Islands there are hoards of Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout (Steelhead Trout), King Salmon (Chinook Salmon) and Coho Salmon. These species of trout and salmon are common and caught in really good numbers. There are also a few species available that are not as common such as Pink Salmon (Kokanee Salmon), Sockeye Salmon, recently stocked Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout. Trout and salmon in our region can get massive.

You can fish around the islands with the 16ft camp boats or bring your own boat. For the wide open lake we have larger charter boats, which are fully equipped with downriggers and all the equipment need to go after the deep water monsters. Each charter boat can carry up to 6 guests.

Big Game Hunting:

In the fall we have an organized Black Bear hunt with multiple Bear Management Areas and a large variety of baited stands in different habitats and strategic locations. We have adult Moose Bull tags for archery and Wolf hunting is available as well.

We have two large fully-equipped and modern outposts camps on Moss Island. The camps are only a quarter of a mile apart but far away from civilization where complete wilderness and privacy can be enjoyed. Even though we call them outpost camps they have all the luxuries of home and more than suitable for ladies and children. You will not be roughing it !!

Please take a look through our website and contact us with any question. Our camps are located on the north shore of Lake Superior between Thunder Bay and Nipigon.

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