Perch Fishing

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Perch are found everywhere in Ontario and we have them as well.

We have two backcountry portage lakes that are stuffed with Walleye and have lots of Perch as well. Spending time catching perch in a Walleye lake can be difficult to do but if you try using smaller baits you will catch both. There are also schools of Jumbo Perch out around the islands. Any shallow areas that are weedy and look good for Pike are often good for Perch as well. Some guests find success fishing straight down with a hook inbout 25 or 30 feet of water between small islands. The reason they are that deep is because the Lake Herring, Shad and Cisco lay their eggs on the beaches and sandy areas so the young fry hang around close to these areas and around small islands. The Perch are down there gorging themselves. You can catch some really fat Perch. Some are the size of small Walleyes. They are also great eating so you can fill a bucket full for the big fish fry back at camp.